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You can read CKS here before you buy it. If you can’t afford the board book, then please feel free to read ‘Cool Kids Share’ to your child(ren) from our website.


I am Marshall Chiles… a professional comedian, successful entrepreneur and best selling author. I have been doing stand-up comedian since 1999 and own The Laughing Skull Lounge and Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta, GA.

I came up with the term ‘cool kids share’ one day on the playground with my 3 year old son Harper. My wife told Harper that it was ok that another kid did not want to share and I said, “Yea, I disagree. That kid is not cool because he won’t share. So why do you want to play with him? Remember Harper, cool kids share.” And then BAM! 10 years later I finally wrote the book. I decided to self publish CKS just like my first book because then I can do whatever he want… GAWD!

My first book, ‘Your Presentation is a Joke: Using Humor to Maximize Impact’ is an Amazon best seller and currently a textbook at The University of Alabama… which just means it has a lot of pretty pictures in it. You can get it on Amazon here.

My next book is called  ‘My Colonoscopy & Me: A Love Story’ which I wrote after my first colonoscopy. MC&M is a children’s book for adults that is a funny poem encouraging people to go get checked. You can sign up to be notified of MC&M’s launch here.

The next book is called ‘Red Light Life Lessons: Life Advice in Under Two Minutes.’ This book is a collection of quotes I have come up with, read, or heard in my first 50 years on this planet. I came up with this title because I have driven my kids to school their entire scholastic career and as we drove, I would give them advice/life lessons. I currently have 3,000+ quotes in about 50 categories that I am dwindling down to a more bite-size book and some are complete with stories. If you would like to be notified when ‘Red light Life Lessons’ is available, please click here.

You can visit my website www.MarshallChiles.com to learn more, etc.

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